Dry January

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January has got to be the strangest time of year. With the festivities of Christmas and New Year over, we then find ourselves in a month that seems fairly bland and full of 'New Year, New Me' promises.  To top it off we are all encouraged to go alcohol free for the month, after possibly drinking copious amounts during December (guilty?….. not us!)

Contrary to the above, here at Jo Deakin the hardship of a dry January is actually a delight - drinking excessive amounts of tea and coffee is an occupational hazard for us, we love nothing more than sharing a cuppa with our family, friends and colleagues.


We strongly feel the fog can only be lifted on these dark January mornings by the smell of coffee, triggering much needed feelings of wakefulness (pleeeease!). And it feels so good to catch up on all the Christmas news with our nearest and dearest listening to the familiar clink clink of the teaspoon being stirred against fine bone china.


We drink every type of tea and coffee there is, earl grey, lapsang, peppermint, black, white, loose-leafed, you name it we drink it, as long as it’s in a Jo Deakin mug naturally! We might even throw in the odd hot chocolate and with an estimated 5 million people taking part in dry January we know we aren’t alone.

So, if you’re battling your way through the month, clutching onto your new year’s resolutions take a moment to slow down and sip with us. Whether you're on your own or with friends, taking time out to have a stylish cup of what you love, can only comfort, soothe and feed the soul. You can be sure the offer of a tea or coffee to any of your loved ones this month (or anytime of the year for that matter) won’t be refused and will always help combat the January blues.

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