How Jo Deakin Began

Having previously worked as an interior decorator, I am passionate about style, colour and pattern.  Plus, I've always been a fan of fine bone china.

I have never liked the idea of reaching for just any old mug.  I like to keep my china cupboard fresh and attractive and take time to search out good quality mugs and cups that are bright and boldly patterned.

When I had my two children, and spent a lot more time at home, I became more aware than ever of the value of a mug of something calming and healing.  I began to take even more pleasure over my choice of which mug or cup to use.  But, searching for bits and pieces with which to refresh my cupboard and my spirits, I couldn't quite find what I was after.

So, encouraged by friends and family, I decided to make my own ceramic collection.

I wanted to create a range of mugs and cups and saucers that were unique, vibrant in colour and pattern and made of fine bone china (because I believe that hot drinks taste better when drunk from fine bone china and that it retains heat for longer, too).  

I began the design process by sketching and playing around with my favourite colour combinations and a variety of squiggles, lines and patterns.  I settled on a mix and match system of four designs and four colourways.

Then I linked up with a factory in Stoke on Trent, where my ceramics are hand decorated and finished.  I am extremely proud of the result.

The mugs are perfect for a comforting drink at any time of the day.  Meanwhile, I am excited to give life back to the humble and underused cup and saucer.  I think cups and saucers make the table look inviting and turn a hot drink into a special occasion.  I deliberately made the saucer a generous size, to allow space for a little treat on the side!

I've put thought and care into the Jo Deakin collection.  I hope it looks great on your table and lifts your spirits, too.