Happy Valentine's Day!

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A few words for my one true love…Tea!



On these dark mornings, you are the only thing worth getting out of bed for. There is one of you for every occasion, whatever my mood you help to soothe and calm me. With your longed for and comforting breaks you ease the pain of working all day long and when you say those three words that I long to hear……time for tea, I have no greater love for you!


What better month to celebrate you than the month of LOVE!



And what more could you possibly want than a new shiny, sparkling tea cup to be treasured in and wooed over for years to come….enjoy!



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Stoked about Stoke!

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Stoke Visit


I had such an inspiring trip last month to the factory in the heart of Stoke on Trent, it felt so great to see the teams and watch my fine bone china range being hand decorated from start to finish, ready to be fired in the kilns.



These talented individuals understand the importance of both the traditional skills that go into decorating each piece and also what a difference can be made when you are truly passionate about your work!  It is a brilliant relationship to have and I am so excited about the future together as my Jo D designs and products expand!


(The yellow film over the mugs here burns off in the kiln, don't worry I don't think the world is quite ready for such a clashing colour combination just yet!!)


Stoke has long been the world capital of ceramics and to know that each and every piece is decorated, fired and finished in Britain by such caring craftsmen makes me so proud.


Discussing the new collections got me STOKED (excuse the pun!) for the year to come. A brand new colourway (think pinks and yellows) and perhaps a teapot or two could be on the horizon which I really hope you will love as much as I do. Watch this space as they say….


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Dry January - Our Guide for combating the Blues!

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January has got to be the strangest time of year. With the festivities of Christmas and New Year over, we then find ourselves in a month that seems fairly bland and full of 'New Year, New Me' promises.  To top it off we are all encouraged to go alcohol free for the month, after possibly drinking copious amounts during December (guilty?….. not us!)

Contrary to the above, here at Jo Deakin the hardship of a Dry January is actually a delight - drinking excessive amounts of tea and coffee is an occupational hazard for us, we love nothing more than sharing a cuppa with our family, friends and colleagues.  There is comfort to be found in those cuppas that brightens the dark mornings and lifts the spirits, even if just a little!

We strongly feel the fog can only be lifted on these dark January mornings by the smell of coffee, triggering much needed feelings of wakefulness. And it feels so good to catch up on all the Christmas news with our nearest and dearest listening to the familiar clink clink of the teaspoon being stirred against fine bone china. 

It comforts, soothes and feeds the soul and I truly believe the process of making your favourite comforting drink allows you time to stop, restore and reflect, even if just for a moment.

There is definitely no guilt or pressure to only drink herbal and cleansing teas or decaf coffee in January.  Everyone has to have something to look forward to as they rise at the start of the day and flop at the end.  We say hooray to this feeling and definitely won't be giving any of our favourite drinks up as we start the new year.

January is a month that can be enjoyed, despite the obvious after-Christmas slump.  It can be a time to reflect, feel incredibly grateful for the family times we have just been able to share and it is a good time to check back in with how we are feeling about ourselves, in a bit of welcomed quiet, after lots of 'together time'!


We drink every type of tea and coffee there is, earl grey, lapsang, peppermint, black, white, loose-leafed, you name it we drink it, as long as it’s in a Jo Deakin mug naturally! We might even throw in the odd hot chocolate and with an estimated 5 million people taking part in Dry January we know we aren’t alone.

So, if you’re battling your way through the month, clutching onto your new year’s resolutions, take a moment to slow down and sip with us. Whether you're on your own or with friends, take some time to have a stylish cup of what you love, it can only be a good thing. You can be sure the offer of a tea or coffee to any of your loved ones this month (or anytime of the year for that matter) won’t be refused and will always help combat the January blues.

Speaking of which, to give you some inspiration and guidance, we have put together some tips as to how best to cope with Dry January and the inevitable blues below.

1. Have a clear out of your wardrobe, children's playrooms and their wardrobes and make space for the new gifts and toys that you all received last month.  Reorganise your various home corners and perhaps bag up some things for Charity shops, especially anything warm for those who have a lot less choice when it comes to selecting the perfect snuggly jumper to cosy up with.

2. Make the process of making your favourite comforting drink a ritual.  Perhaps buy some really lovely tea bags, these are some of our favourites, linked below.  Perhaps invest in some lovely quality coffee beans, ground coffee or deliciously warming herbal teas.  Boil the kettle, whilst doing so take some deep breaths (in to the count of 4, out to the count of 6 and pause at the bottom before taking your next breath).  Put your phone down and spend a minute in the quiet whilst you wait for the kettle or coffee machine to ping.  This will reset you each time, filling you with fresh air and even a moment as small as this can really help to restore you.

Pukka Love Tea - Good news for filling your heart with love...Made with organic chamomile, elderflower, lavender, licorice, limeflower and marigold.  A tender touch of rose fills your heart. The soft embrace of chamomile and lavender soothe your soul!

3. If Father C didn't bring you some in your stocking then treat yourself to some new shampoo and shower gel and Body Lotion.  There is something very spoiling about a long hot shower, washing your hair and drying it and moisturising your skin before putting your cosiest clothes on for the day.  We absolutely love these products for their very special qualities and gorgeous smells.

4. Invest in some bath salts, ideally epsom salts, they contain magnesium and are a proven way to relax muscles and benefit sleep.  Magnesium is an important mineral naturally found in the body, thought to help promote heathy sleeping patterns and encourage relaxation. Transdermal mineral bathing is an effective way to relax, as the magnesium flakes transform your bath into a more comforting environment.

5. Make some soup, it takes less than 30 mins and all you need is a decent blender!  Warm food is almost as important as warm drinks.  Making soup from scratch is so easy and is a brilliant way of using up sad looking veg and left-over roast meat.  It is the ultimate comfort if you sip from a Jo D mug too!  There are so many options when it comes to making a hearty bowl of goodness, we love Leon for their dinky but brilliant soup inspired cook book!


6. Find pleasure in the smallest things, daily, even for 5 minutes!  Read a chapter of your book, read a magazine cover to cover, go out in nature for a walk (don't forget to always look up!) or sit quietly listening to your favourite music.  These are all restorative and mindful things to do.  They will do you the world of good and give you a break without having to sit in a darkened room pretending to meditate successfully!

7. Go to bed early.  The benefits of sleep before the hours of midnight are enormous.  Dr Nerina Ramlakhan explains that "The 90 minute phase before midnight is one of the most powerful phases of sleep, because it’s the period where the body is replenished,” Ramlakhan explains. “It’s rejuvenated on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and, I believe, spiritually as well. There’s a lot of healing that takes place in that first phase of sleep.”

She continues: “It’s also a really important phase for reorganising the brain. So all the information we’re taking in during the day gets reorganised during that phase of sleep before midnight, and it’s very important for bringing adrenaline levels down – if you’re under a lot of stress, you want to make sure you get that phase before midnight.”

Why not treat yourself to some really gorgeous PJ's too?! 

8. Put your PPE mask down and invest in a spoiling face and eye mask instead!  We absolutely love Tropic for all their products, but in particular, their face masks, they are amazing.  So soothing and spoiling, we cannot get enough of them!  As for the ultimate eye mask, look no further than the Space Mask.  This will send you into an intergalatic spin of calm and tranquility. 

I hope to hit all 8 of these throughout the month, and I really hope you will join me!

Love Jo x

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The Ripple Collection

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Welcome to the Ripple Collection.  The names of each of the four collections are inspired by words that evoke feelings of relaxing and unwinding.  For example, a ripple pattern in water is therapeutic to look at, just like the pattern created for this range.

This scallop-edged design is so pretty and looks very elegant on the table set for afternoon tea.  As it is one of the softer patterns we carry, you can really have fun with the bold colours.

However for a more subtle table scene, the pastel coloured products show a clean and refreshing look for those special gatherings.

This re-energising and refreshing design is bold yet elegant.  Afternoon tea or a lively coffee both go really well with this collection.  It is a great addition to any table, no matter what size the occasion.

The Ripple mug is a generous size and because of the quality of the fine bone china, it keeps drinks warm and comforting for longer.  The mug is the perfect size for the first energising cup of the day or a reviving afternoon break.

The Ripple cup and saucer is perfect for treating yourself to a special and sophisticated break.  They really suit being mixed and matched with the other colour choices in the Jo Deakin range, to add a contemporary twist to any table.

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How Jo Deakin began

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The launch of Jo Deakin....!

Welcome to Jo Deakin

I am so proud to bring you this refreshing and bright new range of contemporary fine bone china.  It has been a long and exciting process getting to this point and I am so delighted to share our four signature designs across five different bold colour combinations.

      I am so excited to be able to share my British brand with you.  Being British means an awful lot to us here at Jo D.  The entire process from design to product completion, is done on British soil and it is something we are so proud to be able to say.

      The first steps to launching Jo Deakin were taken from my kitchen table, talking to a friend about our mutual love for that first cup of tea and coffee of the day.  We agreed that this daily ritual not only starts our day well, sipping that comforting brew to get you up and energised for the day ahead, but also we agreed that the mug or cup you serve this in really matters too.

      Our products are made of traditional fine bone china, associated in the past with a very smart and luxurious cup and saucer.  The importance of using fine bone china is that hot drinks taste better out of this fine and thin product, but it also retains the heat for longer and therefore keeps your beloved brews warmer for a more enjoyable drink...yes we really have thought of all of the details!

      The collection's names are inspired by soothing yet energising words; Ebb, Ripple, Burst and Wave.  Having studied and worked as an interior designer for years in London, I am well practised in the skill it takes to put colour and pattern together. 

      From my initial chats with my friend at the kitchen table, it spurred me on to dust off my sketch pad and pens and start combining my favourite patterns and colour combinations.  I was looking for vibrancy in colour and pattern but also the chance to create a collection of home ceramics that are unique to my home and the way I like to entertain.

      As a mother of two very small children, I have found the early stages of motherhood both hugely rewarding and at times very challenging too.  Finding your identity amongst the daily routine has taken me a lot of time, my youngest was 3 months old when the idea came to me to turn my passion for taking a break to put the kettle on, into a potential business idea!  So the importance of not forgetting about ourselves, in whatever capacity your busy life moves in, be it motherhood, career and life balance and so on, looking after ourselves in this busy and chaotic world is vital to staying positive and energised.

          The range holds so much scope for each of our customers to really find their style, that suits their tables, interiors and moods.  The idea of a Mix and Match vibe encourages our customers to choose any of our products, in any combinations, which is totally personal to them.  There are no rules, anything goes, as long as you like what you see!

          The other crucial point about launching Jo D, was the chance to offer a product that made the perfect gift, spreading the word about taking a break, creating moments for ourselves and encouraging the special people in our lives to make having a break both a treat and a daily ritual.

              I believe the Jo Deakin range is a new way to rejuvenate your spirits and embrace a quality product that has been designed with thought and care.  I am incredibly proud of the products and I believe that others care too about what their drinks taste like from fine china, look like on their tables and feel like when sharing with others.  

              I really hope you like the collection, I would love to know what you think so please get in touch with your thoughts, comments and feedback.  In the meantime I really hope we have provided you with a product that will brighten up your day, bring style to your table and crucially encourage you to create a moment to yourself, or to share with others, where you step away from your day, put the kettle on and enjoy a peaceful moment for you!

              Love Jo xx

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