Ebb Mug in Yellow & Blue
Ebb Mug in Yellow & Blue
Ebb Mug in Yellow & Blue
Ebb Mug in Yellow & Blue

Ebb Mug in Yellow & Blue

Make time for yourself with this design which has a more refined line, a more subtle pattern and a calming sense all round.  It tones down the colours for the quieter times of life.  A bedtime herbal tea at the end of a busy day goes brilliantly with this range. The Ebb mug is a generous size and because of the quality it keeps your beloved drink of choice warm and comforting.  The mug is perfect for the first cup of the day or for a reviving afternoon break.

Yellow and blue

This combination is proven to be one of the most popular colour ways to put together.  Sitting perfectly opposite each other on the colour wheel, they are the perfect complimentary colours in the truest sense.  This mixture ticks so many boxes as it creates a wonderful collection on its own but it also bridges the gap between mixing the blue and turquoise and the pink and turquoise combinations, adding a third option to anyone’s cupboard collection.  It gives variety and punch and I love it.

375ml   |  Height 9cm   |  Diameter 8.5cm

Dishwasher safe 
Also comes carefully packaged in a bright and brilliant bespoke box, making it the perfect gift.

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