Gatsby Mug in Teal & Blush Pink
Gatsby Mug in Teal & Blush Pink
Gatsby Mug in Teal & Blush Pink
Gatsby Mug in Teal & Blush Pink

Gatsby Mug in Teal & Blush Pink

Art Deco (or Deco for short) first appeared in France just before WWI.  It's style encompassed visual arts, architecture and design and had huge influence on the design of buildings (think of the Chrysler Building in NYC), furniture, fashion, cars, trains and everyday objects.  It combined modern styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials and represented luxury, glamour, exuberance and faith in social and technological progress!

As a lover of all things symmetrical, the Deco era for design, style and pattern, to me, is the epitome of high-end luxury balanced with punch and flare.  It would speak to me as it combines bold geometric forms with stunning colours, and it is so appealing on the eye.  Our Gatsby design encapsulates the Deco era of geometry  combined with a little Jo D contemporary style.

The product is crafted from start to end under one roof in Stoke on Trent and showcases the very best British skills of manufacturing fine bone china.  The mug size is generous and provides the perfect comforting cup.

The mug is made of the finest quality bone china which not only achieves the best overall look and feel, but also keeps your beloved comforting brews warmer for longer.

Teal and Blush Pink

All our colours are entirely bespoke to the Jo Deakin colour palette.  This colourway is an absolutely stunning combination of our unique Jo D teal and blush pink.  This blend is such a complementary contrast of warmth and contemporary sophistication and has been a personal favourite of mine to produce.

385ml   | Height 9cm   |  Diameter 8.7cm 

Dishwasher safe 
Also comes carefully packaged in a bright and brilliant bespoke box, making it the perfect gift.

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