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If you are anything like me, the feeling of hurtling towards Christmas is definitely in the air, and it is so easy to panic and buy everything from the large, convenient and often unimaginative 'click, click, done' stores out there.  Especially when the banners of 'Black Friday' are flying high right now.

However, thanks to the huge abundance of great small and independent businesses out there, there really is no excuse not to spend just a little bit of extra time shopping around to find the smaller, more personal and totally brilliant options when it comes to finding the perfect presents.

I know time is of the essence with both trawling the internet to find these more local brands, and get everything bought, wrapped and delivered before the big day.  Well, fear not!  Having recently launched our own Gifting area on our website, we are well practised in putting together options and making the process a little easier for you when it comes to making your selections.

On this note, we thought it might just help a little to include our own gift guide and select some of our favourite brands that are small, thriving, independent and UK based businesses, all of whom, like us, are so extremely grateful for each and every sale that is made.  It puts a massive smile on our face to know that you like what you see and are willing to support us and our mission in being UK businesses.

To turn up at any occasion with presents you are truly proud to give to your loved ones is not always the easiest but is certainly one of the most worthwhile and feel-good things anyone can do and we really hope the brands below help to provide some options of quality, choice and heart within their businesses, all so readily available to you right now.


Love Brand

Since day one, LOVE BRAND & Co. has committed a percentage of revenues - not profits - to helping save wild elephants from extinction. LOVE BRAND & Co. is proudly part of '1% For The Planet', a movement of businesses supporting environmental solutions. They proudly work with inspirational wildlife charities and environmental funds.


Dundas London is inspired by adventure and the world around us in order to create the best product and inspire discovery through story-telling.  Founded in 2015, the company has established itself as an authentic, premium British shirting brand.

Initially London

Initially London's monogram are far more than just initials, they are a form of self-expression which lift a classic, simple accessory to a one-of-a-kind style statement.  Initially London, originally started in Jane Wiest's basement, is now based in a busy studio in West London with a team of skilled creatives who design, etch and embroider, making each order as it arrives, completely bespoke.


Bricks and Stitches

Founded by Becky and based on her love for clothing full of quality, affordability and flattering stylish pieces, there really is something for everyone with this wonderful brand.

Gussy and Lou


Bright and brilliant cashmere and ladies fashion pieces, this dynamic duo are passionate about what they do - and with practicality in mind - everything they create is done so with love. Their attention to detail and quality is second to none - and each piece has to be perfect to make the cut!


Now this is a brand I am 100% behind in so many ways, not least because I use so many of their products, all of which truly work, but they are such a strong advocate for sustainability.  Tropic believe in being a force for good beyond beauty, in everything they do. From sustainably sourcing their ingredients to bringing you freshly made products that are truly kind to your skin, they really are a brilliant force to be reckoned with.


Addison Ross

This wonderful brand is truly one of the best when it comes to gifting.  This family run company offers solutions for presents from clocks and photo frames to their most stunning scalloped trays and trinket boxes, I simply love it all!


There is not a lot from this wonderful British based brand that I don't want to have in my home.  The vivid bright and fun planters and brush pots are just so irresistable to me, they add the most gorgeous pop of colour and the geometric patterns and colours are so beautiful it really does have something for absolutely everyone.



Ibbi was founded by three wonderful women who were inspired by the vibrant textiles and talented artisans they met on their visits to women's cooperatives in West Bengal and ibbi now champions the affordable traditional crafts they discovered there, allowing traditional skills to find the expression and recognition they deserve. Ibbi's ever changing collections, including their vintage embroidered textiles, block prints, ceramics and all manner of unusual found objects, embrace the wonky, the kooky and the handmade.


ThreeBoys Rock

This Worcestershire based wonder Polly, provides and curates the most fantastic children's toys and games for any occasion.  Polly's goal is to offer a single site with a collection of fun, sometimes quirky, gifts and lifestyle products aimed at – but not exclusively for! – boys age 7 to 15 years.  This is truly a life-saver of a site and will help you so much with ideas and fun gifts for the younger side of the family.

Little Alice London

This lovely London based mother of 3 has a serious passion for smocking and is inspired by producing affordable dresses and rompers to add to everyday life for little people.  Each piece looks so adorable on and they really are a treat to give, as well as own within the house and see worn as much as possible.

Chuckle Soaps

In a world where we have never been so obsessed with asking our littles to wash, wash and wash their hands, this fun and jovil company has been born. All soaps are fragrance with the most beautiful 100% organic lavender essence and are SLS free. Chuckle Soaps are vegan. The toys they use are up cycled as much as possible and to this end they offer a POT LUCK selection to add to the fun!




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