"Fill Your Cups" for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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I am so delighted to announce that our limited edition “Fill Your Cups” Mug is available now, and without a shadow of doubt, it is the most meaningful piece I have ever created. Let me tell you why…


When my oldest and dearest friend, Alex (pictured above), was diagnosed with Grade 3 Breast Cancer, I watched on as her world came shattering down around her. Alex, my sister and I have been exceptionally close since I have a memory... when her world shook, so did ours. 
We had seen each other go through many things, but nothing like this. Alex's journey was filled with Chemotherapy, major surgery, and Radiotherapy. She lost her hair and experienced darker times than I will ever truly know, and she did it all with tenacity and courage even I did not know she had.
I wanted to do something to honour Alex’s strength, resilience, and unparalleled determination throughout her battle with this truly cruel disease.  So, I turned to my sketch book, and that is where the 'Fill Your Cups' idea was born. 

1 in 7 UK females will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. 23% of breast cancer cases in the UK are preventable.  That is why 100% of all retail profit from our 'Fill Your Cups' mug will go to the Future Dreams Breast Cancer Charity.
It all started with a sketch…


The repeat pattern of the three hearts depicts Alex in the centre and either side of her she is flanked, shielded, protected by my sister Lucy and I.  Some might think the dots represent eyes of a face, in fact they are there to proudly represent our breasts.
Hope, Strength and Love are the three words I chose to honour the integrity and character of Alex.  Fill your cups is a play on the comfort a warm drink can bring one when facing times of difficulty.  It is also a play on filling your cups with boobs of whichever form they might take, unique to each individual and their story.

Fill Your Cups Mug

Please take a closer look at our very special “Fill Your Cups” mug, and if you are able to support me in raising funds for Future Dreams during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, both Alex and I would be eternally grateful.
Oh, and ladies… a note from Alex: “If there is one thing you are to do today it is to check your boobs!”

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