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The start of Spring is particularly timely this year as we begin to see some form of 'green shoots' creeping through the Lockdown days, with news turning to when things might start to relax and reopen slightly.  The mornings and evenings are finally beginning to get lighter and dare I say, I get the impression that positive change is on the way, albeit in a pretty slow and steady way.

All this time at home has really made me think about what a sanctuary it has become to me and my family.  It was a lovely, happy place before Covid-19 changed the landscape, but somehow, and especially this second Lockdown, home seems to have become even more sacred, safe, comforting and important to us.

The existing corners and nooks of home have provided a new form of solace.  The pace of life has changed so much and although we have of course been busy with crazy days keeping heads above water, it has been slower, with a lot more time for trying to create moments of calm, amongst the stress of everyday life.  It really has taken the smallest things to make a real impact. 

Rearranging the children's playroom with a chair for us all to sit and read together has been tiny but impactful and a rescue corner for calm when we have been on the brink of major meltdowns, and I mean from all of us!  Watching the daffodils slowly creep through the sludge has been calming, their pending yellow brightness keeping us captured on our garden walks. 

Of course too, it would be amiss for me not to mention the various cups of comfort I have had along the way each day.  I have even begun brewing our morning tea from loose leaves, giving it the perfect brew time and enjoying every last sip in my favourite mug!

This time has also increased my focus on the wider meaning of home.  The UK, England, our community and what brilliant Home Grown talents we have right here.  Spending so much time at home has made us think about how we can improve it and make it a more stylish and comfortable place to be.

Trying to move away from the 'Fast Fix' option of buying cheaper and more often, I have been enjoying finding, following and buying from British made, local heroes.  Just like us at Jo D, the Country's Home Grown Brands and Giftmakers have been working so hard to keep their brands going and they deserve huge support and recognition.

Supporting small, growing businesses that design, make, manufacture on home soil means so much these days.  We really believe it matters how things are made, how materials are sourced, the process used to create them and where they originate in both their story and their location.  If like us, you enjoy searching for home grown brands and like knowing where your products come from, this can really impact how things feel within our homes.

For us, the process of manufacturing our products in Stoke-on-Trent has so many facets of work involved, yet it is done just 60 miles from where I design the initial products.  Also where they eventually end up in my stock room and where I pack them myself to send out to my lovely customers.  The products are made of fine bone china, it is a quality product, and they are made in the same factory they are decorated, fired and sent back to me in. 

Our designs are initially hand drawn and created by myself before a little help from the computer brings them to life.  The entire process from start to finish is detailed, lengthy and exciting and it is all part of the story of what we do at Jo Deakin.

The thought, time and effort that goes into our products drives us to provide the best possible quality we can, and the designs and colours allow our customers to build truly bespoke collections that suit their style, home and mood.

We thought it would be nice to feature some of our favourite Home Grown Talent below, showcasing some brilliant small businesses and designers that have really captured our attention for cultivating a more stylish and comfortable home.


Susannah Garrod

Susannah is a British artist and illustrator of fashion, beauty and life.  Known for her whimsical illustrations, she has worked alongside a variety of brands and offers a truly unique and captivating style that sits so beautifully on the walls.


Molly Mahon

Technically, Molly is actually quite a big name and brand nowadays, but I just love everything she stands for when it comes to making a house a home.  Her designs, fabrics, wallpapers and cushions tell such a story and her block printing style is genius.  However I just love her passion for creativity and her strong believe in the importance of using our hands, making things and creating time as an essential and mindful balance in this busy world we live in.

Poppy is a London based artist with a difference.  Her gold leaf and stitch thread creations are so striking and personalised and make the best gifts or designs for your walls at home.  She is a talent to watch and I cannot wait to hopefully get Poppy to do something for us at home very soon!
Turning your words into works of art is no easy task, but Laura is so talented at doing exactly this.  Whether it is designing and writing wedding invitations, party favours or her beautiful and thoughtful cards, Embellishing the Ordinary has a strong experience in the world of printing.  Her scribed pieces and illustrations are a wonder and really do turn words into art forms.



Stripe and stare
If you are looking for daily comfort then look no further than this amazing ethical and environmentally friendly brand.  These knickers are the most comfortable things I have ever worn and to top it off they are all made from TENCEL™ Micro Modal, an amazing eco-friendly fabric. A naturally sustainable and soft fibre that starts with the tree and ends with the softest fabric you’ve ever felt. They come from nature and they are fully compostable so they end back in nature too.  What a cool philosophy for a pair of pants, try them you will not look back!


Bog Skincare

These are absolutely amazing organic sheet masks blended from one of Earth's most potent ingredients, PEAT! Peat combats free radical damage, detoxifies skin and boosts collagen production.  The packaging is recycled when you send it back with their easy 'post back' system and your skin feels unbelievable when you've used one of their masks, it is also such a treat to use one, lie down and take a few quiet moments for yourself!
This company is on a mission! To make beautiful, sustainable knitwear, to revive and re-energise the traditions of sheep farming for wool in England, and to do so locally and naturally.  What is not to love about this?!  This cardigan is on my wishlist and I love everything this company stands for.  Rain or shine, a cosy knit is a must at any time of the year.


Irusu Candles

As we are not burning the candle at both ends these days, and staying put at home has become the new (but temporary) way of life, we love to still burn the candle a bit...these are such a dreamy aray of scents and one of my biggest indulgences has been to light a candle in the day.  The flicker of the flame and the subtle smell drifting in the kitchen just adds a touch of something on these dark and cold days.  Irusu is committed to the environment and supporting local and national causes. It is based between Stoke Newington, London, and by the sea in South Wales, and we love them!  They contain only essential oils and sustainable soy wax.  They are Vegan and cruelty free and each candle is hand blended, poured and numbered, divine!

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