Happy Easter

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We are absolutely thrilled to be writing our latest offering with the sun streaming in through the windows. What a welcome change to have warm and bright days to add a little spring in our step.

What a difference a sunny day, and a year on, makes to our spirits. Although the dreaded covid is everywhere again, the restrictions remain lifted, giving a sense of ‘can-do’ about life.  We can continue to make plans and see them through which is such a liberating and welcome feeling.

We plan to be together as a family by the sea in Cornwall this Easter, one of my happiest of happy places, to eat, drink, head to the beach (rain or shine) and be together. We have some family Birthdays to add into the Easter celebrations and cannot wait for some sea air to blow away a month of nasty bugs!

Easter is a time to get together for good food and good company.  The lighter days make it a really cheery time of year to celebrate and there is an anticipation in the air for the summer ahead, something we cannot wait for!  Whether it’s a gathering of friends or family in the garden or park, we will be outside as much as we possibly can, serving our favourite comforting cups in our beloved Jo D china.

The thought of cutting into a freshly made or treat-bought cake and pouring piping hot tea from the pot has been keeping us going over the last few fairly dark months.

Outdoor entertaining is on all our minds at the moment as we fly towards the lighter days. The clocks change at the weekend and the need for socialising with friends and family as much as possible seems to be so needed right now.  I am really excited to create some really beautiful and inviting tables this season to enjoy with friends and family.

After the recent winter colour pallets, I am so ready for a fresh change of tone and will definitely be adding vibrant yellows and pinks to our table over the Easter entertaining period to really freshen things up!

If you are heading away and are looking for some ideas of thoughtful gifts to buy your hosts, why not head away for the Easter break with a really lovely Jo D gift box of goodies to both give and to enjoy?

After all this time apart, we are so excited to come together over the Easter weekend and are equally excited to be able to share our new egg cups with you very soon.  These are the most lovely new member of the Jo D family and will make even more gift ideas easy for you over the coming months!  Do watch this space as we will be bringing these to you very soon!

Have a lovely Easter break when it arrives and don't eat all your choccy eggs at once!


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