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The launch of Jo Deakin....!

Welcome to Jo Deakin

I am so proud to bring you this refreshing and bright new range of contemporary fine bone china.  It has been a long and exciting process getting to this point and I am so delighted to share our four signature designs across five different bold colour combinations.

      I am so excited to be able to share my British brand with you.  Being British means an awful lot to us here at Jo D.  The entire process from design to product completion, is done on British soil and it is something we are so proud to be able to say.

      The first steps to launching Jo Deakin were taken from my kitchen table, talking to a friend about our mutual love for that first cup of tea and coffee of the day.  We agreed that this daily ritual not only starts our day well, sipping that comforting brew to get you up and energised for the day ahead, but also we agreed that the mug or cup you serve this in really matters too.

      Our products are made of traditional fine bone china, associated in the past with a very smart and luxurious cup and saucer.  The importance of using fine bone china is that hot drinks taste better out of this fine and thin product, but it also retains the heat for longer and therefore keeps your beloved brews warmer for a more enjoyable drink...yes we really have thought of all of the details!

      The collection's names are inspired by soothing yet energising words; Ebb, Ripple, Burst and Wave.  Having studied and worked as an interior designer for years in London, I am well practised in the skill it takes to put colour and pattern together. 

      From my initial chats with my friend at the kitchen table, it spurred me on to dust off my sketch pad and pens and start combining my favourite patterns and colour combinations.  I was looking for vibrancy in colour and pattern but also the chance to create a collection of home ceramics that are unique to my home and the way I like to entertain.

      As a mother of two very small children, I have found the early stages of motherhood both hugely rewarding and at times very challenging too.  Finding your identity amongst the daily routine has taken me a lot of time, my youngest was 3 months old when the idea came to me to turn my passion for taking a break to put the kettle on, into a potential business idea!  So the importance of not forgetting about ourselves, in whatever capacity your busy life moves in, be it motherhood, career and life balance and so on, looking after ourselves in this busy and chaotic world is vital to staying positive and energised.

          The range holds so much scope for each of our customers to really find their style, that suits their tables, interiors and moods.  The idea of a Mix and Match vibe encourages our customers to choose any of our products, in any combinations, which is totally personal to them.  There are no rules, anything goes, as long as you like what you see!

          The other crucial point about launching Jo D, was the chance to offer a product that made the perfect gift, spreading the word about taking a break, creating moments for ourselves and encouraging the special people in our lives to make having a break both a treat and a daily ritual.

              I believe the Jo Deakin range is a new way to rejuvenate your spirits and embrace a quality product that has been designed with thought and care.  I am incredibly proud of the products and I believe that others care too about what their drinks taste like from fine china, look like on their tables and feel like when sharing with others.  

              I really hope you like the collection, I would love to know what you think so please get in touch with your thoughts, comments and feedback.  In the meantime I really hope we have provided you with a product that will brighten up your day, bring style to your table and crucially encourage you to create a moment to yourself, or to share with others, where you step away from your day, put the kettle on and enjoy a peaceful moment for you!

              Love Jo xx

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