Pancake Passion

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If you’re anything like my household, pancakes are consumed all year round. It isn’t just for Shrove Tuesday in our house! However it would normally be the fluffy American style pancake, we love Lucinda Miller’s brain boosting treats at the weekend!

The care and effort that goes into making our favourite pancakes both delicious, and of course flip-able, should be closely followed by the importance of what these little beauties will be served on.

Much like the Jo D ethos of our love for tea and coffee being served in the very best fine bone china mugs and cups and saucers, so too should our beloved pancakes receive the same thought and attention when it comes to which plate they should be devoured from.

Our fine bone china plates come in three perfect sizes to suit small, medium and large tummies! Our side plate is ideal for small but perfectly formed stacking pancakes for little mouths, whilst our traditional tea plate offers a more generous space for lemon and sugar on the side. And for anyone who’s Pancake Day stretches to a more savory option then our dinner plates are ideal for this, and of course simply offer space for more than one at a time!

Whatever your pancake preference, our china plates are available as the perfect pairing to your Shrove Tuesday tradition treats.  We hope you have a wonderful Pankcake Day this week!


Jo’s Perfect Pairings

I wanted to share a few lovely things, from some other brilliant brands, I have been loving this month...

Dirtea Chaga tea

This wonderful mushroom tea company takes the powerful and jammed packed mighty mushrooms and produces powder forms in which to jazz up your comforting cuppas with their exceptionally strong health benefits.  Their Chaga Tea is strong but has certainly been keeping my immune system strength up over this winter and I swear by using their teas daily within my own brews.

Chaga can fortify your immune system and give you a natural energy boost, whilst helping to promote healthy skin.

Vitamin D spray

BetterYou DLux vitamin D+K2 is an expertly formulated oral spray which delivers vitamin D and vitamin K directly into the bloodstream, providing superior absorption compared to tablets and capsules. This easy to take spray supports bone health and immunity and is another winter tip I do not live without.



Madeleine Shaw and glass storage jars!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the harsh and very real facts about plastic in our environment and oceans.  I am loving Madeleine's weekly instagram posts on washing and storing her food.  I have recently ordered a load of new glass storage jars with bamboo lids to fully embrace using less and less plastic at home.

Spring with Sezane

Everything from this store is simply gorgeous, if money allowed I would order all my clothes from here.  As this is not a reality sadly, I can only dream!  However, after what has felt like a particularly cold and dark winter, I am seriously contemplating buying this stunning dress as a mark of Spring and a treat as we emerge into lighter days.

A vase for spring flowers

I am so excited to see the first signs of Spring burst into our lives in the coming weeks.  For me nothing makes the house feel fresher or more reinvigorated than a vase of fresh Spring flowers.  I especially love paper white daffodils and tulips at this time of year and this vase shouts elegance and coolness to me, the perfect pairing as the days ahead get brighter.

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