Back To School - Who's Egg-cited?!

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I am sure you are about ready to lie down in a dark room with your favourite comforting cup after what I am sure has been the most wonderful, and in equal measure, exhausting summer hols...or is this just me?

Sandy sandwiches have been consumed in their hundreds, ice creams have been devoured, sun cream wiped from eyes, family photos taken (where someone's eyes are always closed!) and there has been enough Vitamin D consumed that we are all feeling fairly healthy and with very full hearts.  At least I hope this is the case for a lot of you!

My children are now at an age where they don't need a routine.  We can eat whenever we like, altogether as much as possible, bed time is relaxed and adventure is our number one priority.

We have had the most wonderful break to Portugal, travelled around, tried new food, seen a different culture, explored, played and rested.  I think even the children have understood how lucky they are this holiday!

The end of the summer holidays always brings a need for routine in our house.  It is so liberating when the alarm isn't going off in the morning and the days are slower and more free.  However, I love it when some level of normality returns and we find ourselves surrounded by the familiar.

Food on holiday is always a tricky one because you want to feel like treats are deserved daily and a right of passage, however since coming home I have filled the fridge which is now re-stocked with health!  Time to get cooking again!

With 5 hens at home, who have been very busy laying their eggs for us, we have so many to get through, one of my easiest and most versatile go-to meals to get back into simple, healthy food, has to be the mighty dippy eggs and soliders.  We all love this in our family and within 4 minutes of boiling, you have the most delicious and nutricious plate of food for the whole family.

Actually anything to do with eggs is now on the menu.  Dippy, poached, even fried at the weekend!  Fritatta, cakes and traybakes will all be made over the coming weekend with our supplies. 

We have had such a lovely response to our newest egg cups.  These match the existing Zighy, Gatsby and Peacock collections beautifully.  Whether you are preparing your own eggs alongside a pot of freshly brewed tea and on a matching plate, or using them as a treat for your littles, our fine bone china egg cups are the best way of presenting and devouring that scumptious drippy yolk!

They make a best friend for the table both for children's quick suppers after long days back at school, the perfect weekend addition or a lazy evening meal for you after a tiring day at work.

The mighty egg has so many health benefits.  Eggs offer a complete form of protein, they are nutrient dense, they help your 'good' Cholesterol, they're affordable, a great lesson in portion control and they are heart healthy!

We are offering 15% off all our egg cups to help motivate you into getting healthy and back into home cooking.  Visit our website and simply use the code DIPPY15 to receive your discount and we will get your orders on their way to you for a fresh start to the new season.

I hope you are starting September feeling refreshed and motivated for the next few months.  I am so excited to bring you the latest additions to the Jo D tableware range.  We have been working on some brand new products to add to our collections and we can't wait to show them to you in the coming weeks.
Get your eggs on and always feel free to give us any feedback you have!

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