Back To The Old School...

Posted by Jo Deakin on

Got time for a cuppa anyone?....I have!  Well I say that but actually I seem to be so busy trying to catch up on the last 6 months and have written a ridiculously unachievable list of things to do, please tell me I am not alone...?!

With lots of us now back at school, the enormity of what we have all been through with everyone at home, mouths to feed, washing to do and not to mention the days of home-schooling, it has hit me like a pile of bricks and last Monday I felt like a lie down in a darkened room was called for.

I won't lie however, the freedom of walking into my quiet kitchen, putting the kettle on and really pouring a lot of love into that first cup of tea felt pretty amazing!

We have had snotty noses, sneezing and a few exhausted tears but on the hole the littles have loved being back at school, and I have equally loved a little time to myself.

Seeing friends for a mid-morning cuppa (at a socially acceptable distance of course!) was a tonic and a small nod to the old days.  Although things have tightened up again on the dreaded regulations, I feel a sense of calm is washing over us as the routine returns.

Part of the relief of having them return to school has also marked the end of the mum-guilt.  Towards the end of the summer holidays I didn't want to go to too many public places to keep them as well for school as possible, but that meant more days at home, fighting squabble fires, more catering and generally in need of another non-existant holiday!

That is behind me now and I have vowed to ease up on having constant activities and distractions lined up.  With this stunning weather they are so happy riding their bikes and swinging in a tree, I don't need to get the paints out for the 1,000th time...phew and cheers to that!

I hope everyone is coping and navigating their way around these funny times and as always I hope you are taking 5 to restore, re-energise and reset before the children return home!

Get your sip on, Love Jo xx

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