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It has been a while since I wrote on the blog pages of Jo D but that is all about to change.  If I have learnt one thing during this torrid and worrying time for our Nation during Lockdown, it is in my belief in the reasons I first set up Jo D.

The outlook for me has always been one of 'Slowing Down and Sipping', taking a break, getting 5 minutes in your day to stop, relax, restore and re-energise.  For me, like so many others, that involves flicking on the kettle and making a comforting cuppa of tea or coffee.  Now more than ever before, I believe this is true and yet still so simple!  

We have not just come home from fighting in a 4 year world war, of course it is a different adjustment to change in the path of our futures we now face.  However, with everything we have all experienced, the worry, stress, deep upset but also positivity, now more than ever, we must make time to stop trying to 'Octopus' our way around life.  Splitting ourselves in so many ways to try and complete everything on the 'to-do' list by 4pm when we can work-out, meditate, make a wholesome meal and look our best...this is simply not going to happen, or certainly not in my house.

I started off thinking I could achieve a few of the above, but I quickly learnt this was never going to be possible.  We had to adapt, find new ways and learn a very quick and real lesson in patience.  In not being able to control a single thing, other than keeping our families and ourselves as safe as possible, I have found this powerful and more positive than I ever thought I would.

For me, my home has become even more a sanctuary.  A place of safety, consistency, humour, compassion and warmth, especially in those balmy days, it was amazing to have the sun on our side!

I had a stab at home-schooling with my son who has now left Reception.  I have been trying to grow my small biz through the power of social media, learning a lot along the way.  I have been juggling home life, my little 3.5 year old daughter (who seems to have morphed into a teenager during Lockdown!) the mass catering that goes with everyone at home 24/7, and I feel it is poignant to mention the loss of one of our dearest and oldest friends to Covid-19, so I guess I can say I have also been juggling my grief in there too.

This is not some self-promotion of 'look at me, haven't I done well with my life-juggles'...however having had a bit of time to reflect on everything the past 4 months has thrown at me and my family, a blog page on my website strangely now feels like a really positive outlet to write down thoughts and feelings and to reconnect with you lovely people who visit my website.

I have learnt that my love for tea is real!  It has been the thing I have looked forward to and longed for throughout each day.  Both herbal and fully loaded!  I have needed one first thing to start the often monotonous days. I have needed another half way through the mornings of home-schooling, wiping away tears from shouting at my son for not concentrating, even though he tried so hard.  Another cuppa to comfort myself for shouting and mum failing (a ridiculous thing I know we all do and have to try and stop doing so much...impossible but true!) And oh the 4pm cuppa, it has been the best of the day!

I have learnt above all that being more patient and managing my expectations has allowed me to feel closer to my family and the beating heart of our home than has ever been possible before.  I have needed them more than ever for comfort, humour and hugs.  We have laughed and cried and it has been a rollercoaster.

Going forward, the blogs will have more focus on the wonderful world of fine bone china, promise!  I have so much waiting in the wings to share with you all, I cannot wait to start writing about all that.  It will all be kept much shorter I promise!

In the meantime, this really is a way of sharing my feelings over the last few months and moving forward to what I really hope is a more positive and brighter outlook for everyone.  At least we know a little more of what we are capable of, whatever life has in store for us.

I encourage you to take 5, think of yourselves, make time and finish whatever cup or mug you have made, everything will still be there waiting for you to tackle, you will just feel a bit more prepared for it if you 'GET YOUR SIP ON' first!

Until the next time Jo xx


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