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The time is almost here!  Normally there is a bitter-sweet taste as we approach this time of year because of the inevitable burn-out feeling after a year of juggling life and all the busy times that happen at this time of year.  If ever there was a complete spin effect in a 180 degree direction, it is that I feel this year people are even more excited, energised and ready for Christmas, for the break and for time to be together.  I really believe togetherness and a celebration of this is the thread that so many of us are carrying through this month, as we begin to approach (and fast) this magical, but not forgetting slightly stressful and still busy, time of year!

I am also thinking a lot about people who have a very different sense of what togetherness means to them.  Some might actually be feeling lonely and vulnerable at this time of year.  It is worth thinking of those who are not affected so much by the overwhelming feeling of pressure to buy so many presents for so many family members, but in fact might only have themselves to consider.  I hope that those people have a way of reaching out to someone who can support them at this time of year.

There is also the concern for those who will be approaching this time of year with such a different outlook to the one they might have envisaged earlier this year, mainly before Covid-19 hit us.  There has been an indescribable level of loss for so many this year and for those people, my thoughts are also with you all.

However you are feeling as we approach Christmas, I hope you might find a little something to warm the cockles of your heart and others with a mug or cup from our range.

There will be various people to buy for on our gift lists this year and I really hope the guide below might help to give you some suggestions and ease the search a little... Love Jo xx

For Him - That first cup of coffee to get the brain fired up and ready for the day couldn't start better than with a hearty mug to fill.


For Her - A quiet moment to yourself, even if just for 5 minutes, can make the biggest difference to how the hours go after one has taken a break.

For 1st Christmas - It is such a special time when families experience their first Christmas with a new bundle gathered around the tree.  These will certainly help when it comes to weaning and meal times for little mouths.


For the Complete Look - For anyone who is very particular about what, how and when they use their fine bone china, why not give them a full collection to suit any time and vibe of the day.

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