Top Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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Here at Jo Deakin, we understand how cherished a cup of coffee is to people.  We know that it matters how it is made, whether milk (and what milk for that matter) is added, is it long, skinny, grande, a these days is a personal ritual to so many.

Some grind their own beans, some have a spoonful from a well-known tin of delicious ready ground coffee.  To sugar or not to sugar, or naturally sugar with a spoonful of delicious honey...? 

Much like our ethos in Mixing and Matching our collections of fine bone china, how one takes their coffee really is their own choice, it reflects their mood and style and anything goes. 

The Jo Deakin Collections are designed around my strong believe in creating moments to slow down, restore and re-energise.  I know how fast moving and demanding life is.  I value the process of taking time out from the day to enjoy a cup of something warm and soothing, and I believe that the question of which mug or cup and saucer to use is a crucial part of the pleasure.  I created the bold and contemporary Jo Deakin collection of fine bone china because I want style, quality and choice to be on offer every time you go to your cupboard.

With that said, we thought we would put together a Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers.  Here are our pick of the best coffee related gifts, we hope these inspire you to give a thoughtful gift to all those great coffee loving people in your life!

The Sage Barista Express Coffee Machine £599.95

Whittard's 3-cup Moka Express Stovetop espresso maker £30.00

Anthropologie's Santa Claus Tree Dish Towel £18.00

Liberty's Lola Latte Spoons Set of four £36.00

 We hope this Christmas is a very merry one for all, whether you are a coffee lover or not, make sure you slow down and sip this Christmas with a comforting cup of your most beloved warm drink.

Love Jo x


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