Get Your Autumn Sip On!

Posted by Jo Deakin on

As I reflect on the first year of being open for business, it has been all about gifting.  Gifting in that Tis the Season right now to be thinking about it, but also thinking about how many people have bought my products in the last 12 months with someone else in mind.

I don't know about you but I prefer giving a gift to receiving one.  The thought that goes into thinking about that person, what he or she would like and what would make them happy, it is a feeling I really cherish and I know lots of you do too.


The concept of mixing and matching my range has meant that in a little over a year of business, no two orders I have put together have been the same.  People like to have choice and individuality in their lives, a kitchen cupboard of fine bone china should have exactly the same attitude and approach!

I really hope those of you that now own some Jo D fine bone china really like using it and are cherishing the quiet moment of settling down with a mug or cup of your favourite comforting hot drink.

For those of you yet to join the gang, welcome, enjoy shopping and Get Your Sip On with us as we approach this exciting, and in equal measure daunting festive time. Take a look at the full collection and find that perfect gift. 

Gifting is all wrapped up and ready for you with Jo D!

Love Jo xx

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