New product launch!

Posted by Jo Deakin on

I am so excited to launch my new collection of egg cups just in time for Easter.

There is nothing like an egg cup to go with a simple egg and a slice of toast to make your plate feel rather fancy, it’s like giving your egg a throne to sit on!

To leisurely enjoy a soft-boiled egg for breakfast with buttery soldiers (preferably of the brioche variety) is a luxury saved for the weekend in our house.

The children love tapping the shells, slicing the tops and watching the yolks drip down the cup as they viciously dunk their soldiers. At this point I can start to breathe again knowing the yolk is perfectly runny, woo betide anyone who dares serve one slightly hard boiled, and there are few guests who don’t love to scoop, tip or dip their way through an egg in the morning (or evening for that matter!) So the egg cup was a natural addition to the Jo Deakin collection.

It seems timely to be launching them at Easter when we are surrounded by eggs, albeit of the chocolate variety and we hope you find them as eggcellent as we do (sorry couldn’t resist!).

Happy Easter

Jo x

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