What Mums really want for Mothers Day!

Posted by Jo Deakin on

I think it’s lovely that a day is set aside to honour all mothers, and let’s face it everyone is a Mum to someone, whether that be their own children or others who they choose to love and support. 

I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of amazing mothers. Most are in the throes of raising young families and I have a sneaky feeling that what they actually really really want for Mothers Day is three simple things no money can buy…

  1. To be able to sleep until the natural feeling of waking up bestows them....wouldn’t that be the dream
  1. To be able to meander for just a bit too long over that first cuppa of the day (preferably in a very funky, colourful and stylish new mug that they can become ridiculously territorial over!)
  1. To relinquish the responsibility of working out how anyone surrounding them two legged or four legged is going to be fed all day

Give her any of the above and I think you’ll be onto a winner.



And for all those mothers who have watched their babies grow up and flee the nest or perhaps are still clinging to the nest! I bet all they really want is to be surrounded by family, drinking tea and eating cake.

So I hope all mothers have a lovely relaxing day on Sunday 31 March, and hubbies I hope you all survive! 




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