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The Summer Holidays are fast approaching now and I am so excited and ready for some down time, slow sunny days and room to restore and refresh.

There is never a right time to 'down tools' and take a break.  The to-do list still has a never ending feel and there are always loose ends that could be tied up.  However, as time rolls around for the all important break away, it is really important that we are present to this feeling, make peace with it and embrace the pause on normal, busy, working life and make the very most of being away.

Whether you are taking time for yourself by being with family, friends or just a break for two, we always encourage you to fully absorb the calm and quiet moments that a holiday can bring.

Taking time away not only helps to gain perspective on the everyday tasks and trials but it also lends a reflective quality and a chance to take stock of everything that has been achieved and all the plans waiting for us when we land back in blighty.

We have the opportunity to go away to warmer places this year, having not been abroad last year.  The hope is Portugal will happen for our family holiday this summer and I cannot wait to feel the sun on my face!  When I know a break is coming I seem to feel like I suddenly really need it and it is all I can think about, hence the productivity at my desk slows right up and the concentration fog starts to set in.

I tend to pack a whole raft of 'work related' items that not only don't get touched but they also sit neatly starring at me from the corner of the room making me feel just a little sense of failure everytime I choose the beach or my book instead.  So this year I will be travelling with a little notebook and a pen so I have an area for work I can write all ideas, new patterns and thoughts down in, and I will ditch the looming pile of things that don't get the attention they deserve.

I think, and especially after the last 15 or so months, we all need to be away from the everyday and fully submerge ourselves in the now and the here.  For me that looks like sandy sandwiches, rock pool exploration, ice creams before midday and a whole lot of sunny drinks and smiles.

We thought it would help you get in the mood for your own break away to provide a Holiday Shop Guide to the essential luxuries we could all treat ourselves to as we speed towards the bright and breezy summer days ahead!

Jo's Top 5 Holiday Essentials -

1. The throw-on outfit for sunny days

From sun lounger to lunch and beyond, this piece is simply perfection.  Not only is it consciously crafted in FSC viscose fabric (Viscose certified by the Forest Stewardship Council) but it is so stylish and will be such a treat to wear morning, noon and night.

2. The swimsuit of dreams

Who doesn't love a scalloped edge detail?  This recycled nylon-blend, light weight and stretchy swimsuit from Marysia is both stylish, subtle and I imagine with the edge details, would also be super comfortable too.  Let's face it, it has to be practical (boring I know) as well as look and feel great, no one wants anything riding up in the wrong places whilst building a sand castle!

3. The Sun Screen

For light and dewy face protection we absolutely love Tropic's Skin Shade.  This is one of those products that will make your life easier. A 100% mineral SPF50 that offers broad spectrum protection, it not only shields you from the sun’s damaging rays, the slight tint will give you a radiant all-round glow.

4. The best summer shoes

I am not a fan of wearing heels in the summer, especially if you are going somewhere hot.  It needs to be chic and comfortable at every turn for me.  These gorgeous sandals from Tory Burch are lightweight, ergonomic and feel like heaven. The blush pink colour is so on point for Jo D too!

5. The summer dress

From one of my favourite's Sezane, the style of this gorgeous clothing brand is boho-chic but with an edge of originality and floaty decadence that always feels so special whenever I wear anything by them.

However you plan on spending some time away this summer, I really hope it is relaxing, restful, fun and restorative, oh and of course, you too feel the sun on your face, Jo x

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