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Happy New Year to you and all your family.  I hope however your Christmas break ended up, it was full of fun, laughter and a whole lot of sipping from your favourite Jo D cup!

Our break was quiet and slow which was needed after a brilliantly busy time with Christmas orders.  I spent some of this time reflecting on the last 10 months and strangely have felt a wave of shock wash over me in a delayed realisation of where we still are with the Pandemic and all the awful consequences of it.  Being busy has helped to keep me going so much and having a chance to stop and reflect seems to have brought the enormity of everything crashing back to me.

However, where there is dark there is always light, and this time around the vaccine has been a remarkable leap forwards towards some light at the end of this long tunnel.  I for one, have found the Vaccine another reason to feel enormously proud to be British, with the trials and roll out happening on home soil, just incredible!

Whilst it is good to reflect, the most important thing we can do both individually and collectively, is focus on the positives and on the future!  It has never been more important to feel a sense of togetherness and group spirit than it is right now.  If we allow ourselves to spiral into a negative outlook it is harder each time to return to the positives.  Therefore, here at Jo D, we are encouraging you to do as much as you can to stay positive, proactive and resilient right now.

Sharing a cup of tea or coffee with a loved one, jumping on a zoom chat with a comforting brew or stealing a much needed quiet 10 mins break on your own all helps to still the mind, re-energise you and your thoughts and stride forwards with your day.

To help you along with this, we thought we would give you our top 8 tips for combating the January Blues.  We hope these simple steps can help to provide some comfort and focus for this month.

1. Get Organised - Have a clear out of your wardrobe, children's playrooms and their wardrobes and make space for the new gifts and toys that you all received last month.  Reorganise your various home corners and perhaps bag up some things for Charity shops, especially anything warm for those who have a lot less choice when it comes to selecting the perfect snuggly jumper to cosy up with.

2. Treat Yourself Daily - Make the process of making your favourite comforting drink a ritual.  Perhaps buy some really lovely tea bags, these are some of our favourites, linked below.  Perhaps invest in some lovely quality coffee beans, ground coffee or deliciously warming herbal teas.  Boil the kettle, whilst doing so take some deep breaths (in to the count of 4, out to the count of 6 and pause at the bottom before taking your next breath).  Put your phone down and spend a minute in the quiet whilst you wait for the kettle or coffee machine to ping.  This will reset you each time, filling you with fresh air and even a moment as small as this can really help to restore you.

Pukka Love Tea - Good news for filling your heart with love...Made with organic chamomile, elderflower, lavender, licorice, limeflower and marigold.  A tender touch of rose fills your heart. The soft embrace of chamomile and lavender soothe your soul!

3. Have a Cleansing Ritual - If Father C didn't bring you some in your stocking then treat yourself to some new shampoo and shower gel and Body Lotion.  There is something very spoiling about a long hot shower, washing your hair and drying it and moisturising your skin before putting your cosiest clothes on for the day.  We absolutely love these products for their very special qualities and gorgeous smells.

4. Bathing is Best - Invest in some bath salts, ideally epsom salts, they contain magnesium and are a proven way to relax muscles and benefit sleep.  Magnesium is an important mineral naturally found in the body, thought to help promote healthy sleeping patterns and encourage relaxation. Transdermal mineral bathing is an effective way to relax, as the magnesium flakes transform your bath into a more comforting environment.

5. Cup of Soup - Make some soup, it takes less than 30 mins and all you need is a decent blender!  Warm food is almost as important as warm drinks.  Making soup from scratch is so easy and is a brilliant way of using up sad looking veg and left-over roast meat.  It is the ultimate comfort if you sip from a Jo D mug too!  There are so many options when it comes to making a hearty bowl of goodness, we love Leon for their dinky but brilliant soup inspired cook book!


6. Reading is Key - Find pleasure in the smallest things, daily, even for 5 minutes!  Read a chapter of your book, read a magazine cover to cover, go out in nature for a walk (don't forget to always look up!) or sit quietly listening to your favourite music.  These are all restorative and mindful things to do.  They will do you the world of good and give you a break without having to sit in a darkened room pretending to meditate successfully!

7. Get Your Zzz'd in - Go to bed early.  The benefits of sleep before the hours of midnight are enormous.  Dr Nerina Ramlakhan explains that "The 90 minute phase before midnight is one of the most powerful phases of sleep, because it’s the period where the body is replenished,” Ramlakhan explains. “It’s rejuvenated on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and, I believe, spiritually as well. There’s a lot of healing that takes place in that first phase of sleep.”

She continues: “It’s also a really important phase for reorganising the brain. So all the information we’re taking in during the day gets reorganised during that phase of sleep before midnight, and it’s very important for bringing adrenaline levels down – if you’re under a lot of stress, you want to make sure you get that phase before midnight.”

Why not treat yourself to some really gorgeous PJ's too?! 

8. Mask Up - Put your PPE mask down and invest in a spoiling face and eye mask instead!  We absolutely love Tropic for all their products, but in particular, their face masks, they are amazing.  So soothing and spoiling, we cannot get enough of them!  As for the ultimate eye mask, look no further than the Space Mask.  This will send you into an intergalatic spin of calm and tranquility. 

Lots of positivi-tea can come from the smallest things! These are indeed all small things but we feel will make the biggest difference to life in January, better times are coming, in the meantime remain Positive and Get Your Sip On xx

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Heart's Full of Hope

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If ever there was a year to use the 'Month of Love' as a way of thinking about every person that you love and be grateful to have them in your life, this is the year!  We will no doubt find ourselves still neck deep in lockdown, but perhaps the outlook is going to be a more positive one by 14th February, we can at least hope!

Love has been the strongest felt emotion for the last 10 months as we have had to pull together as families, communities and even as a country, in a way we have never done before.  At the forefront of all these efforts it has been love and the love we have for our families, friends, communities and our country that has given us strength to continue through such hard times.

This Valentine's Day we should celebrate love for each and every person we hold close to us.  Not just in a romantic sense, although that is great too!, but in a wider and more community-spirited way too. 

Fire cupid's arrow however you feel you want to this Valentine's Day, but remember to cast the net wide and offer someone you wouldn't normally associate with Valentine's Day a nod and acknowledgement that you are thinking of them.  It is this sense of care that helps to keep us all connected to each other, not just romantically but with a sense of togetherness too.

We are pack animals and belong in groups.  We have witnessed extreme levels of isolation, loss and separation, non of which are emotions we should feel on a regular basis.  So this Valentine's Day, make sure you reach out, tell people how you feel and celebrate (as best as we can - thank goodness for deliveries!) all the various types of love you are lucky enough to have in your life.

Here are our top 5 fabulous gift ideas that your nearest and dearest might just love you even more for;

Gift For Him

Not Another Bill do fabulous personalised gifts, like this gorgeous Iphone case.  All things technical tend to go down well with the men amongst us, and let's face it, the reality is we are all spending so much time on our phones at the moment, why not get him to do it in style?!

Gift For Her

Nothing says I love you more than a surprise breakfast in bed.  This tray from The White Company, complete with a cup and saucer from Jo D (!), is the perfect surprise gift to totally spoil her and make her feel tip-top for the day ahead!

Gift For The Coffee Lover

Compostable pods, compatible with the original Nespresso machine and a refillable tin that contains 20 delicious coffee pods, this has got to be the ultimate Coffee Lover's dream gift.  Don't throw away your tin, you can organise a subscription to the letterbox-friendly refills and do your bit for the environment as well as your coffee lover's desire for the mighty coffee bean!




Gift for the Tea Drinker

This has got to be one of the most spoiling treats to be given!  Fortnum and Mason do hampers like no one else.  This selection includes loose leaf tea, biscuits and the most divine chocolate truffles.  There will be major brownie points to be gained for this one!

Gift for Sharing Together

Is the biggest romance across the world not with pizza...who isn't in love with this food?  This would make the most fantastic gift to share together, during lockdown, Birthday's, picnics, camping, you name it, it will be loved!  And so will you for the purchase.  This Ooni portable wood-fired pizza oven will produce the most delicious pizzas and will be something to really enjoy together!

Remeber to share the love this Valentine's Day, and always Get Your Sip On!  Love Jo xx

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The time is almost here!  Normally there is a bitter-sweet taste as we approach this time of year because of the inevitable burn-out feeling after a year of juggling life and all the busy times that happen at this time of year.  If ever there was a complete spin effect in a 180 degree direction, it is that I feel this year people are even more excited, energised and ready for Christmas, for the break and for time to be together.  I really believe togetherness and a celebration of this is the thread that so many of us are carrying through this month, as we begin to approach (and fast) this magical, but not forgetting slightly stressful and still busy, time of year!

I am also thinking a lot about people who have a very different sense of what togetherness means to them.  Some might actually be feeling lonely and vulnerable at this time of year.  It is worth thinking of those who are not affected so much by the overwhelming feeling of pressure to buy so many presents for so many family members, but in fact might only have themselves to consider.  I hope that those people have a way of reaching out to someone who can support them at this time of year.

There is also the concern for those who will be approaching this time of year with such a different outlook to the one they might have envisaged earlier this year, mainly before Covid-19 hit us.  There has been an indescribable level of loss for so many this year and for those people, my thoughts are also with you all.

However you are feeling as we approach Christmas, I hope you might find a little something to warm the cockles of your heart and others with a mug or cup from our range.

There will be various people to buy for on our gift lists this year and I really hope the guide below might help to give you some suggestions and ease the search a little... Love Jo xx

For Him - That first cup of coffee to get the brain fired up and ready for the day couldn't start better than with a hearty mug to fill.


For Her - A quiet moment to yourself, even if just for 5 minutes, can make the biggest difference to how the hours go after one has taken a break.

For 1st Christmas - It is such a special time when families experience their first Christmas with a new bundle gathered around the tree.  These will certainly help when it comes to weaning and meal times for little mouths.


For the Complete Look - For anyone who is very particular about what, how and when they use their fine bone china, why not give them a full collection to suit any time and vibe of the day.

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Top Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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Here at Jo Deakin, we understand how cherished a cup of coffee is to people.  We know that it matters how it is made, whether milk (and what milk for that matter) is added, is it long, skinny, grande, a shot...coffee these days is a personal ritual to so many.

Some grind their own beans, some have a spoonful from a well-known tin of delicious ready ground coffee.  To sugar or not to sugar, or naturally sugar with a spoonful of delicious honey...? 

Much like our ethos in Mixing and Matching our collections of fine bone china, how one takes their coffee really is their own choice, it reflects their mood and style and anything goes. 

The Jo Deakin Collections are designed around my strong believe in creating moments to slow down, restore and re-energise.  I know how fast moving and demanding life is.  I value the process of taking time out from the day to enjoy a cup of something warm and soothing, and I believe that the question of which mug or cup and saucer to use is a crucial part of the pleasure.  I created the bold and contemporary Jo Deakin collection of fine bone china because I want style, quality and choice to be on offer every time you go to your cupboard.

With that said, we thought we would put together a Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers.  Here are our pick of the best coffee related gifts, we hope these inspire you to give a thoughtful gift to all those great coffee loving people in your life!

The Sage Barista Express Coffee Machine £599.95

Whittard's 3-cup Moka Express Stovetop espresso maker £30.00

Anthropologie's Santa Claus Tree Dish Towel £18.00

Liberty's Lola Latte Spoons Set of four £36.00

 We hope this Christmas is a very merry one for all, whether you are a coffee lover or not, make sure you slow down and sip this Christmas with a comforting cup of your most beloved warm drink.

Love Jo x


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Get Your Festive Sip On!

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Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to you all for all your support and lovely orders you have placed with us this year.  It means so much to have you alongside our business and your loyalty during this year is so appreciated, so thank you!
Let's not dwell too much on what has truly been a terrible and worrying year for so many.  Having Jo D to focus on has kept my mind away from the constant negative and upsetting news.  My stock room has been a sanctuary for packing up your orders and focusing on the positivi-tea in life!
And now, let's talk about Christmas.  As I write this we are in our second lockdown and so the landscape for where we will be and what we will be able to do this Christmas looks a little unknown for us all.  However, what I do know is that whatever the outcome is for the run up to and the day itself, we have got your gifting needs covered! 
Every Jo Deakin order is loveling packaged in our signature pink and yellow gift boxes and can be delivered directly to your recipients' door.
Plus, for an extra festive touch, when you spend over £30, your gift will come gift-wrapped with festive tissue paper and a hand-tied red ribbon bow. 
If you have a festive greeting you would like to add then write your message in the Gift Message box (a little image is below of this), and we will pop your wishes onto one of our limited edition gift cards, beautifully designed by Laura at Embellishing the Ordinary
If you would prefer to write your own card then again, add a note in the Gift Message box and we will send you a blank card for your message.
All that remains for us to say is Get Your Festive Sip on!  We really hope you get to enjoy Christmas with family and friends, in which ever form it comes in this year!  We really hope all those lovely people unwrapping their Jo D gifts will love what they receive and once again our hugest thanks for all your support this year.
Love Jo x

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