The Year Ahead

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A very warm and happy 2022 to all of you lovely people taking the time to read this, I hope you are sipping something warm and comforting whilst you read!

With the festivities sadly a fading memory, our thoughts turn to the new year and our hopes, dreams, intentions, goals and plans for the year ahead are at the forefront of our minds.  I am extremely excited for what this year has to hold, both in work and at home.

For Jo Deakin we are determined and motivated to continue to chant our ethos and spread our story as far and wide as we can.  Throughout the chaotic times in the run up to Christmas, and now as we enter a new chapter, the importance of taking time for ourselves remains of the upmost importance to us, no matter how busy, stressed or crazy the days, months and year gets.  This age old process of taking a moment on your own or with friends, helps you free your mind, ease your stress, and soak up positive vibes.  In turn making you more motivated, focused and driven in your life.  This is something we strongly believe in and know for a fact works, for all of us!

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect choice in British fine bone china, to serve and sip from.  All our products are made in England and we find this one of the most important elements that goes into our brand.  We support local trades, create all the designs and bespoke colours and package everything up for you.  It really and truly is made in England, from start to finish.

My dreams for this year are to continue to spread this message, encourage you as much as I can to pause, restore and slow for a moment whilst you enjoy your comforting cup.  It genuinely works a treat to reset your mind, it doesn't take too long and does you so much good.  This should be an enjoyable process, so of course the quality and choice to select from, for these often short but hugely beneficial moments, should be of the highest importance.


From a production perspective, we will be bringing you a new selection of our hugely popular egg cups in time for Easter this year.  These will match the existing plates and will make such stunning gift ideas.  Our larger teapot is having a few design tweaks done to it to make it as aesthetically perfect as we can, it already has the perfect pour

Finally we are so excited and determined to turn our focus to the power of retail.  There are some truly wonderful and very British retailers in the UK, helping to spread our ethos and allowing our products to reach even further and more widely.  We really hope to catch your eye in more ways than one this year!

What do you have planned for the year ahead.  Perhaps you are planning some wonderful trips away, adventure and intrigue await?  Perhaps it is a big year for milestone moments and friends are getting married, perhaps you are getting married, perhaps there is the sound of tiny feet not far away?  Or perhaps the festive break didn't go your way and you are using Valentines Day, Mother's Day or the season change as a focus to get together for a really special moment.

We have so many ideas to boost your mood, solve your gifting worries and simply provide you with exceptional choice in the world of fine bone china.  Do get in touch with your ideas and any thoughts on how we can help you, we always love hearing from you!

I hope this year brings joy, happiness and comfort to you, Jo x

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