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Top Tips For The Perfect Cuppa

It will come as no surprise to hear that we will of course be celebrating National Tea Day on 21st April.  We are so passionate about the mighty cup of tea and everything it stands for.  Both in the sense of a nation of committed tea drinkers but also in our daily Jo D mantra of putting on the kettle, slowing down, taking time over how your cups are lovingly made and what restorative qualities this entire process has on our busy lives.

Perfecting your morning cup of joy has always been a hot topic when it comes to starting your day right.  Whether you have the latest in coffee bean perculating technology and barista style machinary (!) or instant will do, if it is a bag in a hurry or a precision timed teapot, we have 3 simple tips that instantly make this ritual so many of us live by, stand out to be a treat, and we think, the right way to start any day.

1. Water

Start with your water quality: Use freshly drawn cold filtered water for the perfect results, and don't be in a rush to pour straight from the kettle once boiled.  The optimum temperature for tea and coffee brewing is just under 100 degrees, so allow a minute or so after boiling to pour.

Also be mindful of how much water you are using, think of it as an eco-cuppa and only boil the amount of water you actually need.

2. Ingredients

Just as freshly ground coffee always tastes as though it has come straight from a barista, choosing loose leaf tea or fresh herbs will also make those taste buds dance with joy.  One of our favourites is a strong lemon and ginger first thing, to boost a cleanse on your system after a restful night of sleep.

3. Cup Of Choice

It is no surprise that with all the effort made going into brewing the perfect cup, you also need to drink it from the very best.  Quality is one of our main passions at Jo D and fine bone china is the perfect way to take your tea or coffee.  The bone china helps to balance the temperature, retain the flavour to ensure each sip is as delicious as the first.

We hope you find a moment to celebrate in some small way on 21st and we will be raising our mug to all the tea lovers out there!

Behind the scenes of the Peacock Pattern

The launch of our latest line of products has so far, and thanks to our wonderful customers, been really well received, I am so grateful to everyone for taking the time to get in touch, place orders and give us feedback on the items.

Being an entirely British brand comes with so many positive and proud feelings for us, we thought it might be nice to give you a little more information on each of the new designs and how they came to paper.

A little on the 'Peacock' Pattern...

It was only a matter of time before our resident Jo D motif made it's debut into one of our designs.  The Peacock symbolises so many things in so many varying cultures.  From rejuvenation and beauty to truth and kindness. 

I favour the spirit animal symbolism, as the Peacock is believed to come from a place of honor and integrity.  They are flamboyant and show beautiful colours in such a magical way. 

It is said that people with this spirit animal are entirely trustworthy, self-confident, and are good at discerning the truth in all matters. They are always willing to walk their talk. Moreover, they revel in being the centre of attention.  So with all that said, it seemed like it was time for our take on the stunning Peacock feather to take centre stage!  This is of course not without the Jo D signature symmetry, and complimentary colour scheme.

The Products

Each product is crafted from start to end under one roof in Stoke on Trent and showcases the very best British skills of manufacturing fine bone china. 

The mug size is generous and provides the perfect comforting cup.  It is ever so slightly larger than our original Jo D mug so you have the luxury of a few extra sips with this new addition!

Every item is made of the finest quality bone china which not only achieves the best overall look and feel, but also keeps your beloved comforting brews warmer for longer.

A set of the cups and saucers would make the most stunning end to a dinner party for coffee and would work equally well for Afternoon Tea.  This cup and saucer is a brand new shape and design to add to our Jo D product list.  It will sit perfectly under your coffee machine to make a special mid-morning treat and also makes a stunning set when the various options of saucers are mixed together. 

Our exclusive teapot is the first of it's kind for the Jo D Collection.  We have combined this exquisite piece with the perfect pour, the Peacock pattern and the stunning hand-applied painted details to the outer rim and lid handle, to give this tradition a more modern vibe. 


We believe making a pot of tea should be a great treat and requires a special product to make the perfect brew for family and friends.  You are going the extra mile in detail when you make a pot for other people to enjoy with you and this provides the perfect centrepiece for any gathering.

It is a generous size and can make 4 cups (or 3 full mugs) of delicious tea and pours like a dream.  This is such an important but often overlooked detail that really does make all the difference when it comes to making the perfect pot.

Once again crafted from the very best fine bone china skills Stoke On Trent has to offer, this robust teapot is such a stunning addition to a party and although a traditional past time we feel the shape, detail and quality gives it a contemporary twist.

We are so grateful to each and every order we receive and we hope this gives you a little insight into the designs, products and work that goes into getting the products off the design pages and onto your kitchen tables.

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