The Perfect Summer Garden Party

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As we approach May, a month that for me symbolises rebirth and happiness, I am so excited and quite frankly ready to host friends and family in the garden again.  Whilst the weather might not be what it was last year, one thing we can be certain of is restrictions are finally lifting and there is a sense of positivity mixed with the smell of sweet spring flowers in the air.

I think regardless of whether you have access to 100 acres of rolling countryside or a balcony attached to your city flat, being outside with those closest to us, celebrating being together is everyone's main focus right now.

So we could think of nothing better to feature in our latest Studio Notes than our tips for the best summer garden party.  

Our top 5 favourite things to include in outside entertaining are below and I hope will give some inspiration for creating the best and most inviting spaces to entertain so your guests will want to stay forever!  From table style and recipe ideas to wearing something relaxed and chic, we have included our hottest treats we are currently loving below.

 Top Tips for a fabulous al fresco party

1. Summerill and Bishop Table Cloth

I am dreaming of one of these for my Birthday later in the month, this has got to be one of my favourites and would go so well with some Jo D china at afternoon tea time!  The crisp white china against this beauty sets the tone for a very fun and bright day ahead spent around the table together.


2. Sarah Raven solar spike lights

As lunch will invariably roll into the dusky hours, these stunning solar spike lights have already been installed at home.  Although the sunshine has only had a short time to get these going, they work so well, they are gorgeous to look at and they will add beautifully to the atmosphere as that glorious haze washes over the table.

3. Whispering Angel Rose

Now I am afriad to say it but unless it is almost see-through blush pink rose I will not be drinking it!  But when it is this glorious stuff, I cannot refuse.  It is light, refreshing and is the perfect tonic to go with a sunny day spent outside with friends.

4. Tart London

Lucy and Jemima epitomise summer entertaining to me.  Their style is laid-back, relaxed but totally delicious food that is so scrummy and spoiling.  The recipes in this book inspire me to make an effort for our closest mates, go that little extra to pull out a show-stopping pud and give us all a treat after a long and hard working week.  I am planning their white chocolate, cardamon and raspberry tart for Sunday, rain or shine it will be delivered to the table!


5. All things Sezane

Althought I wish I had legs up to my armpits and was a cool 5ft 10", I am in fact a mere 5ft 2" shrimp.  However Sezane to me is the ultimate in laid back luxurious fashion.  It is French chic at its absolute best and although it has some punchy price tags, it's quality and style is just the kind of thing I would love to wear for a spoiling garden party.



Featured as our 'favourite's this month', I wanted to share a little more info on the next design recently launched in our Balance Collection.

A little on 'Gatsby'

Art Deco (or Deco for short) first appeared in France just before WWI.  It's style encompassed visual arts, architecture and design and had huge influence on the design of buildings (think of the Chrysler Building in NYC or Leo DC in The Great Gatsby - swoon!), furniture, fashion, cars, trains and everyday objects.  It combined modern styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials and represented luxury, glamour, exuberance and faith in social and technological progress!

As a lover of all things symmetrical, the Deco era for design, style and pattern, to me, is the epitome of high-end luxury balanced with punch and flare.  It would speak to me as it combines bold geometric forms with stunning colours, and it is so appealing on the eye.  Our Gatsby design encapsulates the Deco era of geometry combined with a little Jo D contemporary style.



And finally some lovely news for all you loyal and fabulous subscribers, we are delighted to be taking part in the two day Spring VIP Sale hosted by the wonderful Tamara and Caroline of By Beautiful Brands.

This platform champions beautiful brands and will be showcasing 70 stunning and diverse retailers, the perfect number to allow everyone to shine individually.  No two brands have the same offerings so I hope you find lots of lovely and unique treats to shop for.

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